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Default Re: With the 12th pick in the NBA draft, the Charlotte Bobcats select

Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown values quick learners, grownups and defenders.

Louisville swingman Terrence Williams appears to be all of the above. He worked out with four others Monday, and looks like a viable candidate for the 12 {+t}{+h} pick.

The measurables are obvious: His height was 6-5 1/4 without shoes at the NBA combine and he has an impressive 6-10 3/4 wing span. He's strong through the upper body, so he can take the pounding.

And much like Bobcats shooting guard Raja Bell, he takes defense personally.

“I love playing defense (because) it's man-vs.-man, competing,” Williams said. “Your skills versus another man's skills, your footwork and determination versus his.

“He drums that it into your head from Day One. That doesn't leave you.”

The “he” Williams referred to was Louisville coach Rick Pitino. Brown values the priority Pitino places on defense and he sees that in the way Williams plays.

“He's athletic enough, quick enough and comes from a program that preaches that. He has the ability, I think, to be a great defender,” Brown said of Williams.

“He's going to go early in the draft. He plays hard, he passes the ball, he defends and he'll rebound.”

Plus, Williams comes off as smart and savvy, and it's hard to excel for Brown without that. Williams picked up on how different Brown's pre-draft workouts are from other coaches'. Brown emphasized the cerebral; he simulates a practice and measures how quickly players learn from their mistakes.

“He could sit back and say, ‘Hey, you do this drill.'” Williams said. “But he wants your footwork right, he wants the ball high, put it this way off the glass. You get a lot of coaching.

“He's such a hands-on coach. Everybody is engaged. It's like a practice plan; not just, ‘Now we'll do some shooting,' ‘Now we'll do backdoor cuts.'”

I loved terrence williams in college, personally. Great playmaker, athletic, good defender -- i always thought of him as a poor man's dwyane wade. At 6'5'' and with how athletic he is, I would think he could play the SG and SF positions.

I didn't really think of him before, more set on henderson, but now I kinda hope we get williams.

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