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Default Re: Not Sure Why CP3 Isn't Getting More MVP Attention

Originally Posted by Go Getter
How long did it take for you to pry your man pleasing fingers fro. lebri.'s **** so you could type this.

Statistically, CP3 may never even come close to LeBron but as far as impact on the Clippers franchise and creating a culture of winning?

Idk, Paul may be able to do in LA what LeBron was not willing to do in CLE.

Again, seeing as though the only basketball you've experienced is 2k and pickuo games with your scrub friends I understand how you could latch onto the best player in the NBA and hold on for dear life. Those of us that play ball know there is MORE value in a guy that can bring people together for the purpose of winning than a person that outs together sexy stat lines.

Besides your ignorant and delusional words whats your point?

What Chris Paul is doing individually compared to Lebron/Durant is LESS
What Chris Paul have to do for his team to win compared to Lebron/Durant is LESS
What Chris Pauls teammates are doing overall across the roster compared Lebrons/Durants teammates is a bit MORE (i can show you if you want)

Its very simple... Chris Paul is a MVP contender, but does not deserve more of that attention than Lebron or Durant.... then you can go and throw your insults as much as you want...
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