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Default What if Rodgers was drafted #1 in 2005 instead of Smith?

It was considered a relatively weak draft class for QBs. Smith stood out due to his previous season's gaudy numbers and his "book smarts," he graduated in 2 years and scored a high Wonderlic. He had some Steve Young in him and he's turned out to be an average/sometimes above average NFL QB. I wouldn't consider him necessarily a bust.

Rodgers was considered a robotic QB from Cal with all the talent in the world - quick release, strongest arm in the draft, one of the most accurate passers, nearly perfect mechanics. He was very polished but people questioned his chance to succeed in the NFL because of his coach, Tedford who has taught many NFL busts (Joey Harrington, Akili Smith, Trent Dilfer, Kyle Boller - in all reality, he was nothing more than a below average QB with absurd arm strength). He improved drastically as a QB those 2-3 years behind Brett Favre. I think as a Cali kid, he toughened up a lot in the cold tundra etc. His arm looks way stronger today than it ever did in college too. I also do agree with current sentiments saying he's the most gifted quarterback the game has ever seen. He has very few flaws and he's tough as nails (Something I think he may have not developed if he was thrown in as a starter day 1).

What I find funny too is Matt Leinart was as close as you can be to be as a lock at #1 overall in 2005 if he decided to come out (I don't get how since anyone with a brain could see that those USC teams were stacked at nearly every position) and Smith/Rodgers were way better pros than he ever was.

I still remember the WRs/RBs produced a lot of players who were drafted way too high based on their career production ie. Braylon Edwards, Cedric Benson, Troy Williamsson (utter garbage)

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