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Default Re: What if Rodgers was drafted #1 in 2005 instead of Smith?

Originally Posted by 1manfastbreak
I agree with this. I was really shocked when they didn't pick Rodgers, who played on some of the best CAL teams in the school's history.

I feel like Rodgers was better off sitting for a couple of season's and learning the ropes behind an all-time great in Brett Farve.

Although, I do think Rodgers would of been better than Smith if the 49ers did draft him. I always felt like they had the weapons to be THE best offense in football during their 3-4 year playoff run, but they had to cater the offense to Alex Smith's inability to throw the ball down field.

He may not be the elite player he is today, but he has more physical tools than Smith. Niners were getting a new OC every season back then. Makes it hard for anyone to succeed.

Without a doubt Rodgers would have been better off. But there's alot of variables in the equation right there. The 49ers never had the greatest offensive weapons, even under Harbaugh. It was more of Jim Harbaugh's brilliance as a coach and building a system that can utilize those players. Niners were a run first team under Harbaugh. Rodgers under Jim Harbaugh and that defense would have been scary but would Harbaugh have even become the head coach if Niners drafted Rodgers? Probably not and I think Mike Nolan's or Singletary's tenure would have lasted a bit longer as Rodgers could have propelled them in the playoffs leading Harbugh to go elsewhere like Miami. Harbaugh would have turned that Miami team into a playoff caliber team instead, probably would have turned Chad Henne into Big Ben lol.

Smith was a raw QB coming out and who is a very coach-able/smart player. He was presumed a "bust" then all of a sudden became a good NFL QB under a coach who knew a damn. Learning behind Favre and a good HC like McCarthy would have been what he needed. If you look at Smith today the only thing that is holding him back is his own insecurities and cautious play, and i think that was because of years of getting his ass playing for a dysfunctional team. I really hope Smith ends up winning a SB as it would be poetic justice, he deserves it...
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