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Default Re: Sticky this please: What have you done with ur NBA2k8 assosciation.

I am playing as the Raptors.

First off I put Juan Dixon on the trading block and Atlanta offered Josh Childress for him. So I made that deal. Eventually I got sick of him and I never really liked playing with him. My team was also on a losing streak and I wanted to shake things up. So I traded him Graham and Calderon (had to get rid of the platoon at PG) to the Timberwolves for Corey Brewer, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair and a 1st rounder. Before the trade I was at .500 with like a 10-10 record. Since then I have went on a 4 game winning streak and am now 14-10.

My depth chart looks as followed:

PG: Ford/Telfair
SG: Parker/Green/Delfino*
SF: Brewer/Kapono/Delfino*
PF: Bosh/Garbajosa
C: Bargnani/Rasho

* I rotate between Kapono/Green/Delfino at the wing spots and play whoever is playing the best that game.
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