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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Played on the weekend, my knees are getting worse, so I'm thinking about taking the week off. Really sucks, cause I want to get better but my knees just can't keep up.

For the next few weeks I'm purely going to try improve my handle and passing and try and get them to the next level, want to try and become a good PG.
At the moment, every where I play has SG and forwards but no real PG, mainly shoot first PG's.
I'm going to try and be a high IQ PG who can create for others. Any tips welcomed. I believe by doing so, I'll increase my chances of getting on good teams and also become a better player. I'm really looking to Chris Paul but with no flopping and better defence. That's all I want at the moment.

I've found that I've been trying to improve too many things at once, so if I can focus on one/two things at a time, I'm hoping they'll improve at a faster rate.

I'm also looking for a team to join, mainly social leagues. I've had a couple offers, but trying to find somewhere I can fit in, even a better team and come off the bench.

I'll be back here next week for an update, Laters
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