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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
imma sophomore in highschool and last week i got cut from the team. my coach didn't tell me what i needed to work on, but i kinda now what i do. ball handling (especially left hand) and defense. I got defense just half the time i lazy which i shouldn't be so if anyone has any good dribbling drills to get my left handles crazy good, holla at ya boy.

today i just played at the ymca for the first time since getting cut. we ran a couple full court games (not the brightest competition) but i shot bad but made layups and passed really good. hopefully my passing today wasn't a fluke . people were calling me rubio

BTW, good thread op. i like the idea. ISH Fam!!

I found that I am improved my dribbling skill the quickest by just walking every where bouncing a basketball, people look at ya a bit weird but meh.
I used to walk to the shops after work every night, bout a 20 minute walk, and yeah just use to always the the ball, using either hand, between my legs, spin what ever.
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