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Default Re: If you could add 1 current player to your favorite team

Originally Posted by Carbine
Obviously every team plays every varient of "cover" defense, but Indy is running cover 2 75% of the time. Revis wouldn't be the type of impact player in our style of defense because not much is asked of our corners compared to a straight cover 1 or a blitz heavy defense.

You can't put Revis on an island in a cover 2 scheme either, because than the sfaety over the top has to cover both the flat (which would be vacant by Revis because he goes where ever the wideout he is defending goes) and the back half of the field....wouldn't work.

We'd have to transform into a man to man defense with lots of blitzes to maximize Revis, and that wouldn't work because the rest of our players aren;t built for that.

Consider yourself schooled!
you wouldn't HAVE to go more man-to-man but with Revis you would certainly want to...that is the pay off, like when Dallas brought Deion here (sorry fellas all I could think of) the defense had to adjust, it was said that Deion took away half of the feild so that gave the other DBs the ability to just focus on the other side...

although, I guess Deion did more zone more than man...I think

actually I am not sure about that at all with Deion, I do know they never glued him to the #1 like the Jets do with Revis though...

Revis CAN play zone...I'm sure

IDK, I bet if you wre to run a poll on a Colt's website on who would you ratherhave between K-Will and Revis the poll would lean heavy toward Revis...

and Peterson or CJ would be crazy scary on the Colt's

they certainly wouldn't be able to stack the box with Peyton at QB
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