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Default NBA Players You Hate, and Why

Been a while since the last one of these.

1. Anderson Varejao - He is a disgrace to the game of basketball. His style of play disgusts and sickens me, and if he never played again it would be too soon. Watching him play is like seeing the game of basketball embarrassed and humiliated on a personal level. If he ever wins a championship ring it will have been one of the greatest travesties in the history of the league. He isn't a man. He's a disgraceful ***** who should be penalized with a technical foul every time he pulls that flop bull****, which is every damn play.

2. Kwame Brown - Every time he's on the court its like LA is playing 4 on 6. You can always count on Kwame to drop the pass, fumble the ball, blow the layup that should have been a dunk anyway, commit the unnecessary foul, move his own teammates out of position from a rebound, move the opposing teammates INTO position for the rebound, etc. etc. His negative intangibles are only surpassed by his tangible ones. His sorry ass potential tag is the reason an eastern conference allstar is on another team instead of LA, and he makes way too much damn money at that. He should be on ballboy salary. Except less, because the ballboys will catch the ball.

He has one good game every 20 or so, just enough for people to say "hey, look out, he might be coming out of his shell!", and forget about the last 19 games where he looked like a deadeye assassin for the OTHER TEAM. The last time I hated someone on my own team this much was Samaki Walker, who coincidentally happens to suffer from the same affliction of vaseline hands as Kwame. GET OFF MY TEAM, MOTHER****ER.

3. Shawn Marion - This overrated piece of **** thinks he's the second coming of bball chrizt when his ass can't even get a shot off on his own. He can't shoot, can't dribble, completely and entirely dissappears in the playoffs, and is indisputably the third best player on his own team yet is consistently labeled a top 15 player in the league. He's like a big athletic monkey, all he does is run around and jump, and he admittedly does that well, but it gets him WAY more credit than he deserves, and unbelievably way LESS credit than he THINKS he deserves. I'd love for this arrogant piece of **** to get his own team for a reality check on how good he really is.

4. Alonzo Mourning - There's just something about him I can't stand. Maybe the way he flexes after every play, or the way he dicked the Nets. Maybe just his extreme smugness and arrogance that is completely undeserved. And how it came out when he said Miami was better than Chicago even after getting swept by them. I just hate this guy.

5. Josh Howard - Can't put my finger on it. Just something about him I can't stand.

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