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Default Re: Seth Rogen's New Movie Looks Hilarious

Originally Posted by starface
Dude, his ENTIRE repetoire of comedy is sex/bathroom humor with occasional drug humor sprinkled in. I'm quite certain he's never had one bit, or one punchline, or any concept of humor that didnt involve either a penis, boobs, or some sort of fecal matter.

There is literally zero thought, wit, or ingenuity in anything he does. Again, bathroom humor. Over, and over, and over. It's shock material that guys like Bob Saget and Screech are forced to reosrt to now to keep their careers alive.

not that you don't have a point (seth rogen exemplifies a one trick pony), but i find it more than a little ironic that your top 5 jim carrey films could all be described by your first paragraph.
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