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Default Re: Q for Laker Fans who live in LA

Originally Posted by Kews1
Im heading out west in November, going to a Lakers home game seems slightly blasphemous to me as a Celtics fan but i dont think i can pass up watching Dwight, Nash & Kobe on their home floor, so how much are decent tickets?

EDIT: And no i am not interested in a Clippers game.
Depends who they're playing against. A decent ticket for a game against the Bobcats are around 180-230, but let's say against Oklahoma, it'll probably go for about 350-400.

It also depends how you define 'decent'.

This is the seating chart.

I've been to 8 or 9 Laker games and have always sat in the last row of 101 or 111 and once at 318, which was really the best thing ever and the atmosphere back there was easily better than the closer and more expensive seats.
Word of advice to you, don't wear a Celtics jersey to a Laker game unless you want to be harassed by a group of angry Mexicans.

Oh and also

**** Boston.
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