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Default Re: Dealing with players.

Originally Posted by Ai2death

I play in a local league. I'm ok, not great but far from bad. I'm a solid reliable combo guard.
Last week our team captain broke his collar bone at the end of the game. He has since put me in charge. I don't have a problem leading the team which I basically did already since I have a fairly good knowledge of the game. However I am looking for opinions on how to deal with a recent issue.
We are short on players at the moment thanks to some recent injuries, and now one of the players has said he can't play this week due to it being valentines day. We were left with 4 players. I have sourced some outside help who are keen to get onto the team. So my question is what do I do about this player? He has been unreliable in the past but this is a new low. I feel disrespected my his lack of committment as does the team. But am I being to hard on him?
I want to drop him and just use him as a fill in if needed. Or make him apologise to the team and earn his playing time back.... Any opinions??
You're gonna punish someone for not playing on Valentines day? Not only that you want to drop him when you're already short on players? What kind of leader are you. It's just a local game this isn't the nba. Ignore it and find someone else to play even if it is a scrub.
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