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Default Re: Kobe hating alert

Originally Posted by NoGunzJustSkillz
How was it basically a done deal when they didn't even negotiate any terms of his return? Kobe didn't have any say in the Mike Brown signing and I doubt 2 years older, he had any say in this decision either.

I think the truth lies somewhere in between of what was reported.

Phil is careful with his wording, and he's known to give subtle veiled jabs, which is what his statement came off as.

I think that Kobe not having a say in Brown's signing was a mistake that was fixed. Ya'll seriously think that Kobe didn't have any input in Brown's firing?

Shit… I think he was directly responsible for his departure.

He pointed to the office and demanded he get fired, then he instigated the Phil rejection. They had better listen to him now. While Howard might be their future, it is still Kobe's team.

Biggest clue is Antoni's contract length.
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