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Default Re: Why do players block shots hard instead of grabbing the ball out of the air?

Originally Posted by Ne 1
That's why Bill Russell would apply a light touch to his blocked shots, tapping it towards a teammate or tapping it upwards to transform the block into a rebounding opportunity. Compared to Wilt who had the habit of sending the ball out of bounds when blocking a shot. Crowd pleasing, sure, but it's not smart to give your opponent another go at the basket. I believe he did that in order to maximize the intimidation factor. Even his coach Butch van Breda Kolff complained to Wilt that knocking the ball out of bounds allows the opponent to retain possession of the ball. Kolff pointed out that Russell kept the ball in play when he blocked shots.

I disagree with everything you just said.

2nd block in this clip shows you're wrong.

He did that a lot as a Sixer. Over and over. You just read Bill Simmons, right? Go look up Sam Jones Walt Frazier Earl Monroe and see what they say about it. He caught their shots at apex.

And just for your information, I saw Chamberlain do the same thing to a Jabbar Skyhook on tv when he was getting ready to retire on the Lakers. Caught it in the air, put it under his arm, and called timeout, and the crowd roared.

And one other thing. Butch van Breda Kopf was a dunce and a dolt and the Lakers fired him within hours of him throwing away the 69 Finals with his abominable foolery.
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