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Originally Posted by Peteballa
Proof - Jordan would have won it every year he was in the league if the award actually meant something.

MVP always goes to the "feel good" player of the year, the one that feels like he should be MVP.

Rose - Young, up and coming superstar, team has best record in the East, voters see no reason not to vote for him.

Except for the fact that, as great as Rose is, he isn't quite in the LeBron, Kobe tier of skill and impact. He just isn't the "most valuable player".

However, this argument is made every year. There are always people pointing out how flawed this award is, yet every season around this time there are heated debates about who should be the MVP, even though it really doesn't matter because the award is a joke.

PS - About Rose, I am not a Rose hater. I think he will win a few MVP's over the course of his career. I just believe this is premature and the credit for the Bulls success should be awarded elsewhere, like COTY (Thibs), and not an undeserved MVP; because, face it, as talented and already potent Rose is, he isn't the most valuable player in the NBA.

Yeah james impact is so great than he ran to miami to play alongside Wade and Bosh. James is losing ground as of late Wade has taken over the team. Also he disqualified himself from the race the moment he "took his talents to south beach" to become a very rich man's scottie man's scottie pippen
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