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I'm not sure the award is a "joke". It's still the MVP. If your an All-Time great most of the time you'll find yourself winning one. Recently tho it's been kinda lame. When Shaq has one MVP and Nash has 2x there's probably a flaw in the system.

It's just a weak year for the MVP so Rose will see some undeserved hate. He should be in the discussion. Just probably shouldn't be the actual MVP at this stage in his career, at at his current level but not his fault. LeBron\Wade teaming up hinders two big time MVP candidates. Spurs not having anyone in there prime, no 1 guy truly elite takes another spot out of the running. L.A is having a down year in terms of wins vs other teams and Kobe's on a statistical decline. Magic aren't elite record wise so hinders Howard.

As much as it's a weak year for MVP I'm liking the surprise factor. Better than knowing LeBron was going to get it the past 2 years.
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