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Default Re: All These Barkley Posts Got To Stop - Malone,Hakeem,Robinson,Shaq, > Barkley

Originally Posted by AussieSteve
If Barkley took 11.2 more shots a game and made just 3.5 of them (32%) he'd have had 35.4 a game. That's without drawing any fouls or making any 3's. If he actually chose to take that many shots, it is obvious he'd be scoring over 40 a game. Any one can see that.

Kobe had more assists, because he was a guard and had the ball in his hands a lot more. You know that. Pick any great SG... Kobe will average less assists. Pick any great PF... There are maybe two all time (KG and Webber) who got more assists than Barkley.

EDIT: In actual fact, Barkley could just have taken 11.2 more 3 pointers a game, made 25% of them, and he'd have had 37 points a game. Would that have made him a better scorer than Kobe? He'd have more points on better efficiency. Keen to hear your answer.

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