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Default Re: All These Barkley Posts Got To Stop - Malone,Hakeem,Robinson,Shaq, > Barkley

Originally Posted by aj1987
What you're saying is that a player upping his FGA's by ~10 shots a game would see no additional fatigue?

Have you actually ever touched... heck, watched a game of basketball in your life?

Let me try again. Barkley took 18 shots in 38 MPG and that's his most. IF you factor in another additional 10 shots a game, that's over 55% of his scoring load that he already has. Over an entire season. Every single game. As I said, dude would last like 30 games a season.

For the final time, you just can't extrapolate stats like you're doing right now.

What I am saying is this.

Barkley gets the ball >15 ft out. His defender sags off him because if he doesn't, Chuck is getting to the rim. There's a jumper there for the taking if Barkley wants it. He normally would not take that jumper. Usually he'd either pass it off and work to get the ball again in a better position, or he'd put the ball on the floor and back it in till either the double came or he found an opening to get a good shot off. If he takes that jumper every time instead, and makes it 40% of the time, he's scoring more than Kobe on fewer shots.

And if anything he'd be saving energy, because instead of backing in a 7 footer and then battling him for the offensive board, he's settled for the jumper.
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