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Default Re: Madden 12

Originally Posted by GOBB

Many are like this which is one reason why EA never improves Madden significantly.

I'm ready for their exclusive-rights contract (or whatever it's called) with the NFL to be over. This year's Madden is ok (Only played 2 games), but there is a LOT that could be improved. And having competition would improve the games.

For example, I didn't hear Gus Johnson say Blount's name once. It'd be "He hands off to number 27" every time. Then one time, the opponent was called for holding and Johnson yelled "NUMBER 77!!!! called for holding." Like, there was no reason to scream number 77. Lol. The play by play and that area needs a lot of work.

And maybe it's just me, but the default game speed is much too fast. I think it needs to be slowed down.
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