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Default Re: Madden 12

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
you collect player cards and create a dream team roster with them, similiar to collecting sports cards as a child only you can play with the cards...rare cards are earned different can trade and auction the cards's extremely addictive

they release new cards throughout the there are always new players to look forward to...

you win coins by winning games or by selling cards or different ways, those coins are used to buy cards...

it is pretty in depth...but that is the simple start off with shitty cards to make a team and try to build your way up to a dream team

and this year is the first year they bought the rights to a bunch of retired HOFers...and they are going to keep doing that from what I understand...

This is all free correct? So when I go to Ultimate Team mode there is an option where I'm opening up a pack of cards and seeing the players I have. So I have to play people with the cards I'm dealt and win games to earn coins to buy new packs of cards to see if I get lucky. And say I do get lucky I can put some good players up for Auction to gain more coins?

Guess I'll just have to try it out.

A primetime moment right now is me asking is all this stuff free? Or do you pay at any time? I'm guessing this is the Fantasy Football version of collecting cards. Collecting cards, the video game version so to speak. Sounds interesting.
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