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Default Re: Madden 12

Originally Posted by GOBB
This is all free correct? So when I go to Ultimate Team mode there is an option where I'm opening up a pack of cards and seeing the players I have. So I have to play people with the cards I'm dealt and win games to earn coins to buy new packs of cards to see if I get lucky. And say I do get lucky I can put some good players up for Auction to gain more coins?

Guess I'll just have to try it out.

A primetime moment right now is me asking is all this stuff free? Or do you pay at any time? I'm guessing this is the Fantasy Football version of collecting cards. Collecting cards, the video game version so to speak. Sounds interesting.
yeah it is like fantasy football mixed with card collecting in a way, that is correct

and yes it is completely free although EA does try to trick you into paying more...and many people do, you can buy coins with money...people sell rare cards via pay pall...etc

do not fall for it because down the road what costs $50 now will be near worthless in a few months...

but you should understand that some people willing to bust out thier credit card will have an advantage on you...

in MUT 10 I spent nothing at all and was able to hang with the best of them...

MUT 11 I did actually get sucked into paying like $20 a couple times...

this year I will spend NOTHING
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