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Default Re: Jordan is an ahole

Originally Posted by Poseidon
Jordan has always been an a-hole. The media just painted a different picture.

Yet guys like Loki worship the ground this guy walks on. Damn shame.

Michael Jordan is hands-down the greatest player ever in basketball. That is why I have to agree that he was indeed over-hyped. NBA has to sell...and Jordan was the best thing there is in that era.

Pitted against Dominique, pitted against Magic and Bird, Jordan emerged superior. Yes he is the best. But if the question is, was he over-hyped? Well, off course he was! If you are the best basketball player in the planet (err..universe to be exact. I almost forgot he beat the Monstars in Moron Mountain hehe), there is no reason you won't get over-hyped because your name itself spells "money".

About how the NBA markets its new superstars, it's all good. They are lucky to have that many superstars not to mention those international players that intensifies the challenge. Yes, they cannot be Michael Jordan
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