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Default Re: Week 1 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by imdaman99
But before I leave, tell me how many big wins they have against the Patriots.

Will wait for your answer.

Also, how many big wins do the Raiders have against them.

Will wait for that answer too.

Football is a team game. Big Ben won a couple of super bowls, but I'm not blind to the fact that the defense won the Steelers those 2 chips, despite that.... Big Ben from '09-present has been a legit consistent pro bowl QB, even made the AFCCG without a legit defense last season, Eli can only dream of doing that.

Rivers for most of his career hasn't had the talent around him to win, but he was still a very good QB, much more consistent than Eli.

Pats did lose to us, tuck rule. Nuff said.
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