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Default Re: Lamar Laker Future?

Originally Posted by kobesabi
I hope they don't trade him anywhere. Without him, I think the chemistry will change. I love his mega-rebounds. Rebound is like Turnover and opportunity for offense. No rebound, no offense. He's doing good in offense. Tall, moderate defense. Lots of rebound. Overall a great guy. I don't know if you can get the same quality back. I hear someone better would be Butler, but Butler doesn't do much rebound. You can have lots of good offense guys in the team, but if not much are doing the rebound, then that's not too good either cuz your opportunity for rebound goes down. They'll just be starve waiting for somebody to give them the ball. In terms of ppg, Butler is just slightly higher, so I rather take Lamar over Butler.
We need him to cover some of the most dominant PF in this game like Amare Stoudemire, etc. I don't think the average Laker's fan knows how valuable he is to the Lakers.

And responding to Alex, money won't be a factor unless some team is willing to pay him 20 mil a year, other than that, if Lamar/Lakers management are both satisfied with how things are right now, then he won't leave. The real factor is how things go down this season, cuz for dam sure I think we can win the championship. We'll see.
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