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Default Ryan Gomes Q&A

How does it feel to be an LA Clipper?

Feels good to be on a team with good up-and-coming young players. Players such as Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin – hasn’t got a shot to play yet but he will be playing this season – we’ve got leaders in Baron Davis and Chris Kaman. With the additions of [Eric] Bledsoe and Al-Farouq [Aminu] this should be an interesting season for us coming up. I am glad to have the opportunity to be a part of this franchise and a team that seems to have the foundation already set. Just adding little pieces here and there to help them get better. With the likes of Randy Foye, also, who they signed. I think it should be an exciting year coming for the LA Clippers.

Does it mean anything to you to be one of the Clippers’ first free-agent signings this off-season in an off-season where the free agent class is one of the best in league history?

That means a lot. When I talk to people, you want to feel wanted. I was glad that I was wanted in the trade back in Boston*. Not to say I was the main guy in the trade but maybe if I don’t go to Minnesota the trade might not go down. I don’t know. It feels good to be wanted. In this case, I was wanted. Even though I was an unrestricted free agent, they wanted me to sign here and that feels good. It is not due to character. It is not due to the way I play on the court. It is due to what type of person and player I am and it is not due to bad things. That is a positive so I am happy that they give me this opportunity as one of their selections in free agency.

What does it mean to be playing again with Randy Foye?

I am friends with Randy. I played against him all through college and I played with him when I got to Minnesota. It will be good to be reunited with someone that I know on a personal level. I am going to be here for the next three years so I will get to know these other guys on a personal level also. But to come in with somebody who I already know and I talk to frequently, it is a plus. And he is going to be a key addition to this team, too. He is a one-two, scoring guard or point guard, whatever way you want to put it, tough-nosed defensively. I think we have the pieces in place to go ahead and be successful. I think they are still going to have moves to make and some opportunities to get some other guys in here, too. The whole roster is probably going to be different. Looking at it now, they only have five players [under contract] from last year’s roster so we are trying to move in the right direction. The foundation is already here. It’s about adding little pieces and not a huge remodel and construction.

What do you think about the Clippers Practice Facility?

This is my second time here. I was here when I was with the Timberwolves. We practiced here last April. It is wonderful. It is the best practice facility in the league. Great location. A lot of players live right close to here. Airport is close. The only thing is that the arena is a little bit far. But you practice here more than you play in the arena so I think it is a great location and practice facility.
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