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Default Re: I just found out I live in the same building as Michael Huff...Raiders FS

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
At first I was thinking, damn, how much does Huff make that he has to stoop low and live in some complex with f*cking primetime?

And then I was thinking, well shit, how much money does PRIME have that he can rise up and have the same place as an NFL player who drives a decent Lambo?

I make good money, I not millions like him, I am not a millionare...

I didn't think there would be any NFL current players here, so it suprises me...I knew that there are millionares in my building, cause there are some really nice units here, but I didn't think it would be an NFL player...

I am sure he owns more than one place...this is probably his Dallas condo, and he probably has a place in Cali too would be my guess...

it's just really weird that I have probably shared an elevator with him multiple times and just never understood who he fact I am postive I have cause there just aren't that many black folk here...
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