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Default Re: Bynum-A real piece of work

Originally Posted by BØBØ
Hold on to your socks. This has nothing to do with the coaching staff and everything to do with Bynum's elevated view of himself in the Laker's hierarchy. His people think the Kobe days are over and want Bynum highlighted as the face of the franchise and go to guy. Bynum will be demanding a trade if the front office doesn't start treating him the way he feels he should be treated.

This goes to Jimmy Buss interview where he heaped all the praise on Kobe and his being a Laker for life and how the front office will make sure of that. When asked about roster changes he said even Bynum isn't untouchable and that has Bynum and his people up in arms.

Right and wrong here.......Is Bynum a bit full of himself......YES!!!!!!
Once the Lakers signed their option on his contract he felt entitled to do and say as he pleased.
The coaching staff has a TON to do with the problem as well.
Kobe takes a ton of bad shots daily, Pau takes dumb shots, falls asleep on defense or puts himself in bad defensive position, Metta is Metta...nuff said,
Bynum takes 1 questionable he had made the game before and gets benched.....stupid jack @ssed coaching move by Brown that made things worse not better, just as I said it would.
Brown = Mutiny like Kuester = Mutiny......a pair of idiots!!!!!
The Cavs fired Brown in an effort to keep Lebron......look at that and look at the situation and it's obvious we made a stupid hire.
No doubt the players want Brown to go away......can't deny it.
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