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Default Re: Bynum-A real piece of work

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Right and wrong here.......Is Bynum a bit full of himself......YES!!!!!!
Once the Lakers signed their option on his contract he felt entitled to do and say as he pleased.
The coaching staff has a TON to do with the problem as well.
Kobe takes a ton of bad shots daily, Pau takes dumb shots, falls asleep on defense or puts himself in bad defensive position, Metta is Metta...nuff said,
Bynum takes 1 questionable he had made the game before and gets benched.....stupid jack @ssed coaching move by Brown that made things worse not better, just as I said it would.
Brown = Mutiny like Kuester = Mutiny......a pair of idiots!!!!!
The Cavs fired Brown in an effort to keep Lebron......look at that and look at the situation and it's obvious we made a stupid hire.
No doubt the players want Brown to go away......can't deny it.

Lets not turn this into a Mike Brown thing. This has happened in every other thread so far. I feel that Bynum's immaturity is not a result of Brown, but something that had not been seen earlier because he was not as good as he currently is.

You see, when Phil Jackson was still coaching, Bynum was at best, the third best player. So it was very easy for Phil to bench Bynum when he was acting stupidly. The question is, and this is the only question, how would have Bynum responded to Phil Jackson today if he had taken that three? Because you cannot deny, that Phil has benched Bynum before for shooting a three once. Its inevitable. It would have happened again. Would Bynum have responded like a goofball to phil?

Players and coaches disagree, it happens. However, its the players' jobs to play, its coach's job to design the offense. The reason this offense isn't as good, is because players are purposely not wanting it to work.

I really encourage people here to listen to Mason and Ireland, as well as Max and Marcellus. They sure put things into perspective.
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