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Default Re: Thoughts on Ben Simmons?

My issues

1. Lack of outside game, face it the NBA is all about shooting/spacing for the most part. I think if he wants to live up to the hype/expectations he has to show more of an outside game. People will point to Bron shooting, but Bron always had a foundation. He had a sample size to go from. Ben rarely shoots almost like a Nerlens Noel. Not comparing their skills just two guys who rarely shoot but with Noel you know he isn't a good shooter and may never be. Ben? Just weird how cautious he is at just attempting it. Oak didn't shoot much at Duke probably a total of 3 jumpers. NBA he has shot it quite a bit and more successful than Noel. Maybe Ben does that where hes encouraged in taking jumpers where he can improve off that? I dunno. I get the whole so and so improve their jumpers. But Ben a diff case. If you posted his total jumpers (mid, 3pt) vs his shot attempts it would be staggering in difference.

2. Deferring to guys too much. He needs to be selfish. Bron had knocks on needing to take over more but I never got a sense he was a passive player as much as I do with Ben. Not a bad thing but again if he wants to be elite and one of if not the best player? He's gonna have to be more selfish and take over. You want to be closer to say a Bron or closer to say a Iguodala?
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