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man.. most of the 3 point shots that Gibson took where mostly assisted by Farmar.. Not that Gib did not deserve, but I found it interesting how they were actually working in union... If Booby would not be open, he would dish it to Farmar who in turn would assist a player who eventually dunked it...

I think Farmar out of all the players was the only one playing real basketball. He was seeking to find players for open shots, would shoot when no ones open, and was actually playing great defence in comparison to all the other players.

Did any one notice how Farmar and Navaro where one upping each other, and attempting to defence each other? And when Farmar started scoring, Juan Carlos endevoured to also shoot em up?

Something funny too, to me... was the two easy dunks that Yi missed.. He is purty fragile for a big man
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