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Default Blazers 2006-07 Staring Lineup

PG Brandon Roy
SG Martel Webster
SF Daruis Miles
PF Zach Randolf
C Joel Pritzbila\Jamal Magloire

I think roy should be there pg becuase he is nba ready and did any1 see him run the 1 at summer leauge. He was great.
Webster will defintly start his jump shot is money. Miles should be at sf but he should get traded and if outlaw doesn't show anything this yr he should get traded. Zach should just get traded already. For a player who isn't an all star you could get a first rounder and a decnt player. That would be a steal for u guys if that happens and lamarcus can start and devolep if that happens. At center anything can happen they can just switch up every night depending who they are playing against I'm lookin to see 30-35 wins for u guys
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