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That was me ^

#1 priority is to get a good PG. We need a PG for sure. Eric Snow sucks. His defense is pretty good, but his offense is absolutely terrible, and it allows opponents to give him 10 feet of space, which allows that defender to help defend on Lebron.

#2 priority is to get a tough, physical guy who will work his ass off in the paint. Z sucks. Sadly, we probably aren't going to get rid of him. A backup to him would be nice. We have Anderson Verejao who is the next Dennis Rodman, but his is a PF. Gooden is a good rebounder, but I don't think he'll be in a Cleveland uniform next season. Maybe.

#3 priority is that we need another shooter.

We don't really have any cap room. We just have our MLE, BAE, and 3 draft picks. Hopefully we can get those priorities through the draft or through our exceptions, if we do not pull off any trades.
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