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Default Re: More violence and Mexican flag waving by anti-Trump folks, this time in California

Originally Posted by TheMan
Abraham Lincoln opposed the war against Mexico, he knew it was a blatant landgrab (google it bitch).
Land grab of what? What the hell is "Mexico" anyway? There's no "Mexican" people or Mexican language. It's not a real nation. It's just colony invented by people from the other side of the world like the USA or Canada. I don't know why you feel like the specific boarders from 18... whatever are the "real" boarders.

There's nothing to give back because there isn't really a "Mexico" in the first place. What's Mexico and what America is simply a matter of what amount of land the Spanish and the British could conquer. British > Spanish. To the victor goes the spoils.

That being said, I do have sympathy for any person who is native to a particular area. I don't think there's any moral grounds to tell a person they can't live on their own native land. But when I say that, I mean their actual native land. Not boarders created by the Spanish or the British. Somebody native to some little area of North Dakota doesn't get to claim that everything from Arizona to Maine is their native land. The United States is a British creation.
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