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Default Menage A Trois gone wrong

A menage a trois went horribly wrong last Friday when a North Dakota man stabbed a male friend after he refused to switch positions during a tryst with a female, according to court records.
Ashley Hunter, 33, has been charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly stabbing Orlando Dewitt, 37, in the arm during the encounter.
Hunter, who met Dewitt in prison, invited three women over to his home in the 700 block of Fourth Street North in Fargo on Friday night.

The group, including Dewitt, then went drinking at the Windbreak Bar on 32nd Avenue South. After they returned home, Hunter joined Dewitt and one of the women in a sexual act.
When Hunter asked Dewitt to switch positions, he refused and the two men began arguing.
Hunter then reached into the couch and pulled out what Dewitt described to officers as a butcher knife 12 inches long and an inch wide.

The woman grabbed her clothing and ran into the bathroom with Dewitt, who left his clothes behind.
Hunter began banging on the door, telling him to get out of the house, at one point forcing the door open and splintering the wood.
Dewitt told police he ‘decided to run for the front door,’ and as he did so he said he felt the knife cut his arm. As he fled the house he grabbed the woman’s phone from the table and used it to call 911 from the alley.

While in the alley, he could hear Hunter yelling that he was going to kill him, and that he could get his clothing off the porch, Dewitt told investigators.
Court documents say police recovered a knife fitting Dewitt’s description from the draining board in the home's kitchen. They also found blood stains leading from the front door of the house to the alley.
Hunter was taken into custody Friday. He was charged Monday with a Class C felony charge of aggravated assault.
Hunter was booked into the Cass County jail in lieu of $5000 bail. He remains locked up in advance of a March 13 court appearance.

Surprised this doesn't happen more often when you really think about it.
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