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Originally Posted by MP.Trey
Yeah it's quite annoying, I'm sitting on a 13-30 record I think. A couple losses due to games disconnecting though I think.

5 on 5 is unplayable, unless you hog the ball or get a rebound and go coast to coast you ain't getting the ball or getting any stats. 3 on 3 can be fun when you occasionally get teammates who actually pass, set screens, etc. but a lot of the time you have at least one player who dribbles into a crowd and/or shoots every damn time, in which case, I try to keep the ball out of that players hands at all costs.
What I do is whenever I get the ball I would purposefully go out of bounds and give the ball to the other team just make him mad. You have to see how many avoid player I got when I bought 2k13
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