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Finally picked up a PS4 and 2k14 yesterday. Good game, but it has issues. The myCAREER mode is clearly made for perimeter players. I created an athletic power forward, and I NEVER get the ball. Running up and down the court, the players either jack threes(and make most of them) or they drive to the basket. They never take time off the shot clock, it's always "go go go". The challenges during game are also geared towards scorers. For instance, "score 10 points this quarter". What if I don't want to be a scorer? Why do I have to force the issue all the time? Good luck playing that mode with a big, unless I'm just missing something.

Side note, just started a myGM career as the Bulls. The owner says to me "this team can't lose more than 30 games this year. Period." His next texts to me? "I want a good draft pick this year". Um, ok? Did he contradict himself? Or is he expecting me to lose yet another good player(Rose, Deng) and still expect 52+ wins?

Overall it's a good start for the next-gen, but it needs work. For the myCAREER mode to be so geared towards perimeter players really ruins it for me.

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