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Default Re: Would you rather die, or spend the rest of your life in maximum prison?

Originally Posted by BlueandGold
Wow that's a pretty amazing story. makes me glad I put myself down as an organ right when i was given the chance to, I think most if not all states ask people right when they get their license.. which for most americans is fairly young/before their 20.

I guess when you look at it quality of life is relative. maybe jail in america wouldn't even be as bad as just normal everyday living for 3rd world/war-torn countries. Either way your point about how a question like this is moot until you actually get in that position yourself is valid.

Thanks for sharing your story. Honestly I don't know if i could go through an ordeal like that. You must have a very supporting wife/friends/family in order to come out as well as you seemed to have done.

I am incredibly fortunate, and yes, my support team is incomparable.

Thanks for the kind words, and for being a donor. Nothing matches the willingness to give the gift of life.
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