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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by JimmyMcAdocious
How much money do you guys roughly have with each character? I feel like I have decent chunk change, then I see how much properties are worth, and I'm not near that amount...

I have about 100-200k with each character at the moment. Only like 33% through the game, I think. I'm at the second heist. I think it's a heist mission. White text for spoiler even tho I'm behind practically everyone in this thread >
The ship - scuba one is the second heist, right?

Because if I add up the prices of all the properties (off memory - have the game off), that's about 20 million, easily. Seems like a lot of money to acquire, unless some of the future mission make you huge amounts of cash. I can't imagine making that much from small side stuff, killing/robbing people, and from the stock market.

I did a heist where you use the submarine to steal the government weapon. ..

Was worth 20 mil but they ****ing make you give it back!!!!
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