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Default Re: Muhammad Ali Was a Rebel. Michael Jordan Is a Brand Name.

I'm not sure why so many people here are acting like Ali was the greatest boxer ever. "The greatest of all time" is a self-proclaimed title that he gave HIMSELF, that basically stuck to him as a nicname. Now people are confusing his self-proclaimed arrogant nicname as reality.

George Foreman destroyed boxers that Ali struggled with (For example, he smashed Frazier in 2 rounds, knocking his ass to the ground 6 times before he couldn't get up anymore. Yes, 6 knockdowns in less than 2 rounds. Frazier was not the only guy he demolished either). Ali also avoided fighting Foreman a second time because he was afraid of his greatest accomplishment of defeating Foreman to be exposed as the fluke victory that it was.

Ali's total fight record is not that impressive. Especially compared to Foreman's. How about Sugar Ray Robinson? Give me Sugar Ray over Ali any day. And yes, I rhymed that on purpose.

Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano were better boxers imo too. Sugar Ray Leonard arguably. Paquiao can be argued as better too. Ali never dominated like Paquiao is. And this is against much bigger dudes for him too.

Ali is arguably just as much of a brand name hero as Jordan. Wtf did Ali do? Shit, even if you watch his documentraries and movies about him, he's a douchebag and barely did anything but run his mouth and act like an arrogant fool.

Originally Posted by jb220
Jordan is a *****, always has been.

Ali was the bigger douchebag, to be fair here. Jordan's a bigger douche than most people think, but we all know Ali was a HUGE douchebag.

Originally Posted by moaz
It is not the issue here.
Ali went to jail and lost his title because he refused to go to war. If MJ had ever been threatened by something like that he would have written kill the f***ng VietCong on on side, and F**k Ali on the other side of his next Nike Shoes.

If you read between the lines, Ali is being celebrated for being a coward, afraid of dying in a war. Seriously, if he went to jail for something else, like for refusing to not practice the religion in public or some shit, I could see it being celebrated. But he avoided going to war. . .I have a difficult time believing he just didn't want to risk his life. You know, since he was such a fresh convert to that religion. Seems a little too convienient to me. Like it was an excuse for him, wanting to be different and to stand out. And avoid war.

I don't buy into that heroicly went to jail shit. Ali was so self-absorbed, there's no way I can believe he did that for anyone but himself.

Before anyone even bothers to debate this, Ali joined that religion in 1964, convieniently when the United States began testing citizens for draft qualifications. Ali failed the writing and spelling tests (perhaps intentionally), then two years later when the qualifications were revised, he refused to go to war, claiming his religion as the reason.

That shit wasn't heroic. He didn't want to go to war. He was a coward, and it's fairly obvious if you look at the timing of everything surrounding that. Now, I'm not saying that's the sole reason he converted, but he clearly used that as an excuse to dodge the draft.

And I'm sure Jordan wouldn't have pussed out either, I agree. We would've won that war if MJ went. MJ leads any team to victory! sarcasm
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