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Default Re: Muhammad Ali Was a Rebel. Michael Jordan Is a Brand Name.

SMH@ sin jackal

How is Ali not the greatest? He fought in the toughest era of the heavyweight division, he beat the greatest fighters ever and was the greatest trashtalker in sports. And lets not forget he missed a couple years of his prime because of the ban he received. He absolutely destroyed Foreman with perhaps the greatest tactic in boxing of all time while being past his prime. Foreman himself said he almost killed himself and was in a deep depression after that fight. He almost blinded Frazier in Manilla. Maybe he's not the best pure boxer but as a sporter he is the greatest. And please do not compare welterweight/light heavyweight Sugar Ray to heavyweight Ali. They barely fought in the same division.

Shit put him and Mike in the ring he still takes it to 12 rounds and knocks his arrogant ass out.

He has beaten:

Sonny Liston TWICE
Lamar Clark
Floyd Patterson TWICE
Joe Frazier TWICE
George Foreman
Ken Norton TWICE
Oscar Bonavena
Jerry Quarry TWICE
Henry Cooper TWICE

And Ali in his prime would have beaten Foreman without the rope-a-dope

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