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Default Re: Muhammad Ali Was a Rebel. Michael Jordan Is a Brand Name.

Originally Posted by DirtySanchez
What Ali did to Fraizer was f@cked up but where else was he seen as a douche?
Jordan was a horrible team mate. Take a look at the guys hall of fame speech for crying out loud. He talked smacked to his own kids. Name one thing Jordan has done for African Americans that is on the level of anything that Ali did? Don't be ignorant.

Ali was basically the black equivelent to those stupid racist white power movements. Forgive me for not getting too choked up about it. The guy was a black separatist. And not the "noble" kind.

Quit trying to make him out to be Martin Luther King. He's not even close. Almost everything he did was douchey. He was racist, attacked other blacks for not being racist (like Joe), and bemoaned american soceity while oh yeah, making a bunch of money being a celeb. The guy was a massive hypocrite. Not only that, but he was a sore loser. Remember when he lost to Frazier? He claimed the white man judges robbed him of the match. Yeah, the "white man" gave a black guy a match because they're racist. Right. . . Sore loser, douchebag, hypocrite, racist. That's Muhammed Ali. You guys are acting like he's a saint and the only bad thing he did was that shit in the Joe Frazier documentary. Please. . .if you really think that's the only thing Ali ever did wrong, I'm not going to educate you on his life history by breaking down all of his douchebaggery. That shit would take all day.

I also never claimed Jordan did anything for african americans. He's just a sports figure who was a great basketball player and made himself a lot of money through endorsements. I'm just saying Ali didn't do nearly as much as some of you think he did. Muhammed Ali's story gets so embellished now, it's almost puke-inducing.
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