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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
the world is changing very rapidly and this NSA thing was fairly predictable IMO. nevertheless our info-gathering approach, as objectionable as it is to so many, is almost certainly a far more balanced and democratic approach than other super-countries such as china or russia take in the matter. there are little or no rights issues in those cases. if they rear up in any way, they're typically crushed. orders come down from the top and they are followed without resistance, although i'm sure the efficiency varies.

I dont buy this line of logic at all. There is nothing about the modern world that requires us to throw away our rights. You spend a lot of time talking about the the "reality" we live in, so lets go over the truth about "reality" for a minute.

For Americans, the "reality" is that the chance of dying in a terror attack is less than dying due to being hit by lightning, or getting crushed by a vending machine. The "reality" is that terrorism is not a good enough reason to throw away our rights.

Russia and China may not have the best approach to human rights, but that certainly doesnt mean we should all just sit back and quietly accept the US govt trampling all over the rights of Americans. Are you really implying that americans should sit there quietly until things get worse than they are in China?
anyway, what is the point of impeaching obama with the eventual hope of removing him? in his place you likely get another person who has to follow the exact same laws of reality that he does, but who you've now forced in to doing it more circuitously, deceitfully, forcefully, or whatever. and that's assuming it's someone who's even competent at the job!

Completely disagree that what Obama is doing is "following the laws of reality"
i think it's possible to get drunk on citizens rights over time and forget that reality and nature still operate as they always do. the sacred concept of the USA is all very well and good on paper and by tradition, but it's already been falling apart in many ways even before this NSA thing came down. we were already precariously keeping afloat in many ways, such as in terms of cyber-security defenses. not that this is the same issue, but there's overlap in my mind.

Strongly disagree that "Its possible to get drunk on citizens rights"... so everyone should forget that the 4th amendment exists?

One of the main reasons the "sacred concept of the USA is falling apart" is because of people with your exact attitude. People who dont really care that the USA is trampling all over the human rights of practically every person on this planet (and the constitutional rights of practically every american)

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