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Default Re: 06,09 Wade vs Kobe

Originally Posted by Ikill
It doesn't matter if he could of grabbed 8 boards he didn't end of story. Wade could of easily lead the 09,10 Heat to 50-55 game if he was agressive the whole season but instead he spent half the season trying to get his teamates going.

Yes He could of but he didnt so people need to understand 1-2 rebound dont mean that much difference especially when it comes to player like Kobe who rather get Back on defense like a guard should instead of going for stats. But like I said Im not a big fan of stats so letting the geeks know there are other intangibles to the game.

Again if it was that "EASY" Why didnt he? I love the fact that you try to say Wade "Tried" to get his teammates going.

Why 09 Wade is so overrated is because he Ball hogged and try to take over games and which he did for some. With the squad he had Wade had to ball hog so no hate there but I love when people say Wades team was just as Bad from 06 Kobe and thats False.

Beasly = Odom Give me JO, and Haslem over Brown and Mihm. QRich over Smush or who ever that Bum Squad had. QRich ova Rush.

Bottom Line Wade cannot touch Kobe PERIOD. Its amazing how Wade fan boys have some Balls to compare Kobe to Wade.

Its like MJ to Kobe and Kobe to Wade. Thats the Gap. So Stop Trying.
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