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Default Re: Who has the best defense in the NFC West?

Originally Posted by Carbine
Cardinals are tied for 13th in yards allowed per game, 3rd in points allowed.

The likes of the Broncos, Steelers & Lions are ranked higher in total defense than the Cardinals.

Primetime must not think Arizona is an elite defense.
I do think a little bit less of them after last night's game...they are still an amazing D though full of stud players, there is no stat that is perfect

St. Louis' D is also awesome...

-Robert Quinn has 6 sacks
-Jake Long is probowl DE
-Laurenitus is a top-5 MLB
-Finn and Jenkins are one of the best CB duos in the NFL...BOTH could make the PB this year

St Louis has a D that could win them games...if they had some weapons on offense I would think the have a chance to win the division, but Sam is the only player worth a damn, it looks like SJax is pretty much done now...and Amendola is also gone
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