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on a scale of 1-10 id give thibs a solid 7.....his rotations are decent...and subs out the starters late 1st qtr and gives the bench good minutes in the second.

while a considerably hard nosed coach,thibs gets along with his players and they have a high respect for him which alone is the reason why they've been able to come back from big defecits and win games....

very defensive minded and gets a ton of effort out of any team hes been a part of........also he has been pretty good with nice offensive schemes and lots of movement..

the only problem i have with thibs is that he is too loyal to some of his players like B scalabrine and K Bogans who both do absolutley nothing to warrant the playing time that they get....

overall thibs is a good coach who is only going to get better and hes a huge upgrade from vinny (no disrespect)....thibs may actually get to coach TWO full seasons....
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