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Originally Posted by ljsbb27
What do you guys think of the job he's done so far?

Let's talk about his rotations, his substitution patterns, his timeout calling, and who he should and shouldn't be giving playing time to.

I know the Bulls needed the heroics of Rose to pull off that come from behind win vs Houston but I really enjoyed that game that I watched it twice bec of their great ball movement and motion offense esp by Korver.
I give Thibs atleast an 8.5 bec overall, they are playing good on both offense and defense even if their 2nd best player was out for the first 14 games and they doing well on the very tough Western trip.
rotations are good IMO, esp letting Asik play to expose him not just for future battles but im at a loss on why he is not playing Kurt Thomas and JJ.
I know a lot of fans are upset that he is playing Scal but for me, its bec Scal knows his system, so he's less likely to make that stupid pass which leads to easy fastbreak points. Besides, its not like he is playing extensively, has been averaging like 6 mins/game the past 6 games, actually been sitting out games.
Again, I really think Thibs strongest points are his schemes and ability to prepare his team, creating plan B's and Cs, making good adjustments in the 2nd half of games, not allowing numerous layups, not committing a ton of mistakes etc.
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