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At times (too often) Thibs waits too long to call important timeouts and get our main guys back into the games either when we're digging ourselves into a hole or the opposing team is getting back into the game.

The other thing he does sometimes that I hate and am really not a big fan of is when he brings in the 2nd unit and has a squad of all reserves out there or that of one starter and four reserves. I don't like it. I don't like it when any coach does it let alone our Bulls head coach.

In my opinion you should always have atleast two starters out there. I'd like it if when Rose rested Noah rested.

So in the end of the 1st quarter-2nd quarter when you make some subs to give some guys some rest you'd have a lineup of:


Then when you adjust that lineup and bring back Rose and Noah you can rest Deng and Boozer together and then have a lineup of:


(This is with Brewer being the starter and Bogans getting no floor time)

So when Rose rests Noah rests with him.

When Boozer rests Deng rests with him.

Obviously certain game situations call for adjustments but that's a simple guideline that I would try to follow.
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