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Default Re: Miami Dolphins Thread

Originally Posted by AlonzoGOAT
holy shit dude we almost got robbed these were one of the worst refs I've ever seen **** them. I think we can get .500 before the bye week with rams up next at our house and they're missing number 1 WR and sam bradford looks like shit. Also hopefully denver beats the pats and I'm sure the bills loose to SF and jets get blown out by houston. Then we'll be in a 4 way tie in the division

Meh Denver couldn't come through. Honestly I don't see the Fins catching the Pats for the division. However the AFC sucks. There are so many truly terrible teams in that conference that the playoffs will most likely be
AFC East: Pats
AFC North: Ravens/Steelers
AFC South: Texans
AFC West: Broncos

Then the Ravens/Steelers will get one of the wildcards and from there I don't see any other team in the AFC that is better than the Dolphins. My hope is on getting a wildcard, but hey I wouldn't mind the division.
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