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Default Re: Stromile Swift Energizing the Grizzlies (article)

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
If he can consistantly perform like this during the regular season then I will be impressed, but this is one game during the preseason so, so far I'm still skeptical of Stromile and how he will perform during this season.

i definetly see what your saying, the only reason i posted this article was because it says he is working hard in practice and showing consistancy. he always has some good games, but i dont often see reports of him showing consistant effort, especially from the head coach of the team. ivaroni seems to like him, and he seems to have had a good training camp. i'm not going to get my hopes up, but i am excited to see what happens this year.

if the effort is there consistantly, the numbers will be there consistantly. if the effort isnt there, the numbers will remain the same.
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