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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

I miss the days of WWE where they would actually let their wrestlers wrestle. Back in the day matches were more exciting & it was constant back & forth action.

These days WWE matches feel so for lack of a better word "scripted" obviously the winner is pre determined but there needs to the illusion that it isn't & that anything could happen, which WWE IS LACKING.

Now days all matches follow the same guidline, heel beats up face for majority of the match, face magically recovers hits a few bigs moves & the match is over.

All of their guys have the exact same style which makes every match feel identical. And the guys who have their own unique style such as Brian Danielson & Punk WWE doesn't allow them to showcase it.

Cm Punk isn't lying when he says he's "the best in the world". If they built up a storyline with Daniels & Punk those 2 could put on classic after classic similar to bret hart & HBK back in the day.

WWE Needs to allow their wrestlers to have their own matches, guys like punk & daniels can go into a ring and tear down the house w/o saying a word to eachother throughout the match, they need to allow their wrestlers to do what they do best. WRESTLE.
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